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Masonry Guidelines For Core Drilling

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-13
Making room for pipe drains, pipe lines, gas lines, and other installations through concrete walls requires core drilling tools. This happens when building a house foundation and retaining walls comes with the core drilling process where paths and inlets are being done. Core drilling is the only drill that can cut holes through concretes. A powerful core drill and a perfect core drill bit is a good match to tackles concrete jobs attainable and fast. Keep these guidelines to keep you safe and on proper drilling standard. 1. Its important to gauge the material to be cut. If you are in the business of masonry the investment for the core drill and its bits should be taken seriously. Long running outdoor equipment from top brands has been proven and will surely meet the demand of your work. The core drill capacity should match the required strength of the concrete to be drilled or cut. 2. Drilling through walls can affect the wiring or break it that can cause accidents and worst, it can ignite a fire. What to do before you drill is to make sure that the spot you will work on will not affect the wiring, pipe lines, cables, or gas pipes that is installed in between concretes. You can detect this by using pipe detectors. 3. Don't forget to get the proper training and assistance if you are new to core drilling. Follow guides and guidelines including safety precautions from the manufacturer's manual to keep your drilling on track and job well done. 4. There is no need to use other tools to complete the core drilling tasks. The core drill alone with the right core drill bits can complete the task when operated properly, focused and no errands. 5. Marking guides to the material to be drilled is a good step to get a precise drill. Use markers like pencil and guides such as rulers of tape measure to get accurate measurements. 6. Core drilling requires a focused, relaxed and skilled user. Proper training and balance of the body should be observed during the drill to make promising results. If you want to know more about core drilling, visit and see the latest and up to date core drills and core drill bits including their full specifications, uses and prices.
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