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Mechanical use of vehicle-mounted air pump

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-02
Mechanical use Judge the working condition of the exhaust end of the micro pump The above are discussing the resistance of the suction end of the micro pump. Based on these judgment conditions, the selection range has been narrowed, but the resistance of the exhaust end must also be considered, so that the optional range can be finally determined. In practical applications, the exhaust conditions faced by micro vacuum pumps are different: one type is that the exhaust is very smooth and leads to the atmosphere; the other is Electric air pump Electric air pump Exhaust resistance is large, for example, there are valves, small elbows, large damping sensors, non-special mufflers, exhaust below the liquid level in the exhaust line, and the gas is discharged into a closed or semi-closed container. In modern design and manufacturing, the micro vacuum pumps facing different exhaust conditions are treated differently. The parameter 'permissible resistance Por value of exhaust port' is to calibrate the exhaust capacity of the pump, so that we can use strict technical means to determine whether the selection is appropriate. Simply put, for systems with large exhaust resistance, our selection range is: FM series, FAA series, PCF series; for systems with small exhaust resistance, the selection range is: VAA series, PK series, VM series, PC series, VCA series, VCC series, VCH series, PH series. According to the above steps, we can already determine the selection range of the micro pump. In the several optional series defined, the specific model can be determined according to the requirements of flow rate and vacuum degree. For products of poor quality not included in this article, try not to use them. Note that there is a margin for parameter selection, especially flow parameters. After the pump is connected to the gas circuit system, due to pressure loss caused by pipelines, valves and other gas circuit components, the flow rate will be attenuated, so the obtained flow rate is less than the nominal flow rate of the pump.
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