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Most Popular Saw: Hitachi C7SB2 Circular Saw

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-06
Hitachi has been manufacturing power tools for both residential and commercial use. It periodically updates its products with user friendly features. The Hitachi C7SB2 15Amp 71/4 inch circular saw is a powerful user friendly saw. Its powerful 15 ampere motor makes a short job of 2x4 ply woods, OSBs and other framing materials. The 24 tooth carbide blade of C7SB2 is 71/4 inch in diameter and is capable of spinning at 5800RPM making the C7SB2 a good combination of speed and torque and gives neat precise cuts. The motor brushes on each side can be replaced which means that once you buy this circular saw; you will be using it for a long time. Hitachi has added soft rubber cushions for a comfortable grip. Large space is provided between the handle and the trigger area to hold the saw even with gloves on. The C7SB2 is light weight. It uses a magnesium gear cover and a heavy duty aluminum base. This combination not only makes the saw sturdy but also makes the saw light in weight and so maneuvering this saw is quite easy. The Hitachi C7SB2 has a wide bevel capacity ranging from 0 to 55 degrees with positive stops at 0 degrees and 45 degrees. The measurement scale on the base is clearly marked and easy to read. The bevel adjustment and cutting depth adjustment are also hassle free as you only have to adjust a lever. Once you have set the angle, the lever locks the blade and you get accurate cuts. A spindle lock is added for safety and a blade guard is provided to protect your hands. The Hitachi C7SB2 Circular Saw is backed by a five year limited warranty from the manufacturer. The accessories included with this circular saw are a 10mm wrench, a carrying case and another 24 carbide tooth blade.
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