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New Energy Resources For Makita Drill Battery

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-13
After two decades of development Makita 7.2V battery, the lithium-ion makita drill battery has penetrated into all application areas of electronic products. Future in the new needs of new energy vehicles, electric bicycles lithium and energy storage power station driven by 2012-2015, the lithium-ion 7.2V makita power tool battery demand is expected to accelerate growth year by year, the industry was the outbreak of growth. 2015, the domestic lithium-ion batteries total demand will reach 43.82 million kwh, expanded to four times at this stage, the chain is mutually beneficial. Traditional markets to maintain stable growth The lithium-ion makita batteries in cell phones, laptops, makita power tools and other traditional areas of demand is expected to maintain steady growth, year-on-year increase of about 17% in the next two years. The field of new energy vehicles, total new market value of about 39.4 billion yuan We expect that the new energy vehicles in 2015 passenger cars and commercial vehicles in new car sales accounted for 1 percent, China's total sales reached 540,000, the field of new energy vehicles accumulated lithium-ion makita 7.2V battery needs a total of 19.56 million kwh , the corresponding value of about 39.4 billion yuan. Electric bicycle lithium technology to drive the new demands of the lithium-ion makita drill battery Incremental demand and the stock of a new double pull replacement 7.2V makita batteries, it is expected that in 2015 China's electric bicycle annual sales volume will reach about 55 million. Which increased year by year as a proportion of drive power from lithium-ion battery to 20% in 2015. Expected for 2012-2015, the total demand of electric bicycles lithium-ion makita cordless drill batteries in the field of cumulative 13.01 million kwh, the corresponding value of about 26.2 billion yuan. Energy storage power station to bring the magnitude of the lithium-ion battery industry growth Power generation capacity in accordance with the average annual growth rate of 8.6 percent growth in total installed replacement makita battery capacity is expected to reach 1.45 billion kilowatts in 2015. Assumptions 2015 40% of the daily generating capacity needs to be stored, storage power stations is stored only 0.15% of lithium-ion makita battery energy storage accounted for 30%, corresponding to 7.15 million kwh lithium-ion makita battery with 7.2V needs. We expect that for 2012-2015, the energy storage field of 7.4V makita lithium-ion battery needs a total of about 10.55 million kwh, the corresponding value of about 21.3 billion yuan. View:
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