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Notes on the use of open-end wrenches and plum wrenches

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-05
? Open-end wrenches and torx wrenches can cause damage to wrenches and bolts or nuts if used improperly during operation, reducing the service life of wrenches and severely causing personal injury. Notes on the use of open-end wrenches: Stay wrench: one or both ends are provided with fixed-size openings for turning nuts or bolts of a certain size. (1) Open-end wrenches can only pull the bolt or nut in a limited space. After the bolt or nut is pulled to the limit position, take out the wrench and repeat the original process. (2) The direction of pulling the wrench should be toward the attached jaw. (3) When using an open-end wrench for final tightening, the force applied to the wrench should not be too large, otherwise it will cause thread slippage. (4) The wrench should be clamped completely on the bolt to increase the contact area. (5) Only wrenches with the same size as the bolts or nuts on the opposite margin can be used. (6) If the size of the wrench is too large, the bolt or nut will be damaged. (7) Incorrect use of a wrench can damage the wrench or bolts and nuts. Precautions for the use of plum wrenches: Plum wrench: Both ends have working ends with hexagonal holes or twelve corner holes, suitable for occasions where the working space is small and ordinary wrenches cannot be used.
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