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Operation rules of grinding wheel cutting machine

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-23
Grinding wheel cutting machine, also known as grinding wheel saw, is suitable for construction, hardware, petrochemical, mechanical metallurgy and hydropower installation departments. The operating procedures are as follows:   1 Before work, wear labor protection equipment and check whether the equipment has a qualified ground wire.   2 To check whether the grinding wheel cutting machine is intact and whether the grinding wheel has crack defects, it is forbidden to use diseased equipment and unqualified grinding wheel.   3 When cutting, do not use excessive force or sudden impact, and turn off the power immediately when there is an abnormal situation.   4 The material to be cut should be clamped with a vise. It is forbidden for one person to help the material and one person to cut the material, and the person must stand on the side of the grinding wheel when cutting.   5 When replacing the grinding wheel, wait for the equipment to stop, and check and confirm the grinding wheel.   6 During operation, tools and other items are not allowed to be stored on the rack.   7 The grinding wheel cutting machine should be placed on a stable ground, away from flammable materials, and the power cord should be connected with a leakage protection device.   8 Grinding wheel cutting discs should be installed as required, and the trial run should be stable before starting work.   9 The clamping device should be safe and reliable to prevent accidents when the workpiece is loosened.   10 When cutting, the operator should cut evenly and avoid the front of the cutting piece to prevent accidents caused by improper cutting of the cutting piece.   11 After the work is finished, the dust on the surface of the grinding wheel cutting machine should be wiped off and the work place should be cleaned. The outdoor storage should have rainproof measures.
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