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Pocket Friendly High Performing Angle Drill Driver

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-05
Driving and drilling screws to hard to reach areas and tight spaces is not a problem anymore with the angle drill driver power tool. The angle drill driver is made intentionally for working in tight situations. It is becoming a demand for those professionals in trades because of its reliable power and durability. There are various brands in the market today that caters angle drivers with their own differences. With the advanced technology and the fast changing environment, owning a new power tool is like owning a latest gadget. Gadgets are made to be compact, handy and reliable that can tackle things you are require to do. Power tools have evolved by offering advanced cordless tools. Bosch offers the most compact angle driver that is 3 times shorter then leading competitor brands in the market today. With its extreme versatility than can go through in all tight spaces, its exclusive 5 head position setting lets you switch angles you need without any hassle. The very compact 9.5cm adjustable head is the smallest so far in the market today. Very compact and lightweight of only 1.1 kilos with 10.8 Volts batteries attached. From their unique Bosch premium lithium-ion technology, the batteries unbeatable run time is made to last for 400% longer. The capability of the compact 10.8 Volt angle drill is dense with its 7 stage electronic torque adjustment plus drill setting. With this setting the efficiency of battery usage is working. For precise work when dealing with rows of screws, it has a motor brake to control it. Hit the maximum drilling diameter in aluminum up to 8mm and for wood 10mm. Using the maximum setting cannot change the performance of the battery for Bosch has the Electronic Cell Protection that saves the battery against overload, overheating and total discharge. Added to Bosch's exclusive features is the hyper charge. You can charge up the lithium-ion batteries in its rapid process of approximate time 30 minutes. The batteries are charged up to 75% after just half of the charge time. Charging batteries anytime whenever you need it does not affect its performance. Its no memory effect battery can be charged no matter what its charging state without damaging its cells.
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