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Power Tools - A Handyman's Guide

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-21
Power tools can make any building project or home repair much easier and save a lot of time. If you are a do-it-yourself advocate or just enjoy projects around the house, investing in some good power tools is a wise decision. With so many tools on the market, there are a few that should be in your collection. Circular Saws: These saws are used primarily for cutting wood, but they can be used for cutting other materials as well, such as metal, masonry and plastic. The saw consists of a metal disc with teeth that's held by a base. When the saw is powered, the disc or blade rotates at varying speeds to cut through the selected object or material. Circular saws can be hand- held or table- mounted, and left or right-handed, depending on the side of the blade where the motor sits and which hand the operator uses when holding a saw. The saw base can be adjusted to select the depth and angle of the cut. Mitre Saws: This saw is used to make quick, accurate crosscuts or angle cuts, used typically to cut molding, frames, or wood pieces that need a mitered corner. Mitre saws are fairly small and portable, with blades from 8 to 12 inches long that can be adjusted to different degrees. Good quality saws have blade guards, which automatically retract when the saw is lowered to make a cut and re-cover the blade when the saw is raised. This feature makes this power tool very safe to use. The saw has an attached dust bag that collects the sawdust that builds while the saw is in use. Angle Grinders: This is a hand-held tool used for cutting, grinding and polishing and widely used in construction and in emergency rescues. They are common tools used in workshops, service garages and auto body repair shops. There are many different kinds of discs that are used depending on the material and the task: abrasive grinding discs, grinding stones, sanding discs, wheels and polishing pads. There is typically an adjustable guard and a side-handle for two-handed operation. Some angle grinders can also be used as sanders with a sanding disc. Cordless Drills: A drill is a tool that is fitted with a tool attachment used for drilling holes in various materials or fastening materials together. When powered, the attachment tool rotates at various speeds while pressed against a material, such as wood. Cordless drills are used in all types of construction, repairs, metalwork and woodworking jobs. These very efficient drills are usually lightweight, hand-held tools that are powered by batteries, either standard or rechargeable. This power tool is one of the most popular and useful tools that is essential to have around.
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