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Power Tools Discounter Aids Small Businesses By

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-21
JKI Tools has become the first supplier in the power tools and hardware industry to extend discounts to other small businesses. The company is offering a 15% discount off of all orders being delivered to any small business. A small business is defined as any company with annual revenues less than USD $20 million. The discount is also being extended to local governments across the USA. Jim Kessler, President of JKI Tools states 'we started by offering discounts to our small hardware and automotive clients in June of 2010. The financial downturn had a huge impact on small hardware stores.' Kessler continues 'many people have been laid off in other industries as well and that also includes local governments.' The discount will continue until the end of 2011. In order to receive the discount, customers need to visit the JKI Tools site and sign up for an account. If the customer registers as another small business, JKI Tools will mail them a discount code within 24 hours. The code will be used and the discount applied during the checkout process. The 15% off is in addition to the already low prices offered by JKI Tools who specializes in quality power tools and many other discount tools. 'Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. ' Kessler adds. 'If this gesture to fellow small businesses helps another small business cut down expenses, maybe they will be able to add another job to their payroll. That's where our intentions are.' Jim Kessler is the President of JKI Tools, which sells discount tools and hardware. He also has a professional background in international finance. The JKI Tools site can be viewed at
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