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Power Tools Essential Equipment

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-20
With tightening budgets and needed repairs it is time to consider doing it yourself. However, having the right type of tools to complete the job is essential, whether you are fixing the door hinges or putting up crown molding to give some character to your living room. There is always the possibility of renting equipment, but investing in a good, quality set of tools. No do-it-yourself worker is complete without a set of power tools. Remember, though, not all power tools are created equal. There are still different options to consider before purchasing a new set. The first question to ask is whether you want corded or cordless tools? There are certain advantages an disadvantage to both of them. The first major advantage of cordless tools is the ability to go anywhere with them. You do not need to go hunting for a power source or worry that that outlet is just a little too far out of reach. However, the big disadvantage to cordless equipment is electricity is limited. Hence, it means ultimate range limited power. There is nothing worse than cutting through a board or drilling a hole and having your equipment start dying. Additionally, if you do not have a spare battery, you're on mandatory break time until you recharge your battery. Power is not the only worthwhile topic between the two types of equipment. Price also is a factor. As sweet as cordless drills are, they come with a price. With recent advancement, however, cordless products are becoming more reasonably priced. If you do decide to go with a cordless tool, the next big question to ask is how much power do you really need. Getting halfway through a project and having to stop because you run out of juice will just make you frustrated. Thankfully, most cordless equipment come with a back-up battery. Basic cordless tools can begin at 9.6V and go up to 36V. Common sizes are 12V, 14.4V, and 18 V. The difference in the battery voltage matters most about power, how much energy does that piece of equipment need to expend in order to complete the job. Are you drilling screws into sheetrock or are you using an impact drill on concrete? In addition to voltage, there are a couple different types of batteries, which will make a difference on weight and battery life. There are typically three types of batteries that you can get for your power tools. The first, is the standard Nickle-Cadmium battery. This is the old faithful of rechargeable batteries. It will be less expensive, but it will die sooner and be much heavier than the other two types. The second choice is the Nickle Metal-hydride, which is more expensive than its cousin, but it gives more life and is much lighter (which can impact strain on your arm as you work). Finally, there is the Lithium-Ion battery. This is the newest rechargeable battery on market and the best. So, the price reflects this. However, it is much lighter and last longer than both of the previous types. Choosing the right power tool is important when it comes to build your equipment collection for those jobs around the house. Doing things yourself can be less expensive, but you may want to consider investing in a good quality set of power tools to make the jobs easier and more enjoyable.
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