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Power tools-precautions for the operation of electric

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-05
1. When starting, the electric circular saw must be suspended, because it will jump suddenly, so it must be held double-handed, and the fingers must not be placed on the switch position. The saw teeth must leave the workpiece to be cut to prevent the electric circular saw from jumping and touching the being cut when starting Artifact.

2. After the electric circular saw is started, it should be idling for a period of time to observe whether the saw blade is running abnormally, whether it swings from side to side, whether the electric circular saw has excessive vibration amplitude, and whether the noise is abnormal.

3. Be sure to pay attention to the position of the cable during the operation of the electric circular saw to prevent the electric circular saw from accidentally separating the wires and causing electric shock or short-circuit accidents. The cable must be bypassed and then connected to the power source, and the body must not be in contact with the cable.

5. Do not use an electric circular saw higher than the top of the head to prevent the electric circular saw or the cut workpiece from falling off and causing accidents.

6. Attention should be paid to the sound and temperature rise during operation. If any abnormality is found, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection. When the working time is too long, the temperature of the machine is over 60℃, or there is a burning smell, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the operation should be performed after cooling down.

7. During the operation, do not touch the cutting tool with your hands. If you find that it has blunt, damaged or abnormal sounds, you should stop the inspection immediately; cut off the power before repairing or replacing parts, and wait for the saw blade to completely stop cooling to prevent accidents occur.

8. When the saw blade is blunt, if you need to repair the file, you should turn off the power, unplug the plug, and wait for the saw blade to completely stop cooling before removing the saw blade.

9. The carbon brush on the motor is a consumable. If the wear exceeds the limit, the motor will malfunction. Therefore, the worn out carbon brush must be replaced immediately, and the carbon brush must always be kept clean.

10. Turn off the power of the circular saw in time to prevent accidents when there is a power failure, rest or leaving the work site.
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