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Precautions for operation of electric circular saw

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-22
  No cracks or damage to the saw blade, casing and handle.    Cable cords and plugs are intact, the switch operates normally, and the protection zero connection is correct, firm and reliable.   Whether the saw blade is installed firmly, whether the bolt is tightened, and whether the inner and outer chucks clamp the saw blade tightly. Whether the plane of the saw blade is perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the electric circular saw.   Check whether the rotation of the movable protective cover is flexible, whether there is deformation, whether it will rub against the circular saw blade, whether the connection is reliable, and whether it will fall off during operation.   Check whether the side handle is installed securely and whether it will loosen during holding operation.   Check whether the workpiece to be cut is firmly fixed.   Precautions for operation   When starting, the electric circular saw must be in the suspended position, it will jump suddenly, it must be held by both hands, the finger should not be placed in the switch position, the saw teeth must leave the cut workpiece, to prevent the electric circular saw from jumping and touching the cut workpiece.    After starting, the electric circular saw should be idle for a while, observe whether the saw blade is running normally, whether there is a phenomenon of left and right swing, whether the electric circular saw vibrates too much, and whether the noise is normal.   Electric circular saw must pay attention to the position of its cable during operation to prevent electric shock or short circuit accident caused by cutting. The cable must be bypassed before connecting to the power source, and the body should not be in contact with the cable.   When performing the cutting operation, the hands and the side handles must be firmly grasped by both hands. Fingers should not be close to the saw blade rotating at high speed, and the operator's body must be kept at an appropriate distance from the equipment.   Do not use the electric circular saw in a position higher than the top of the head to prevent the electric circular saw or the cut workpiece from falling off and causing an accident.    New saw blades are generally flat. When starting the sawing road, select within the range of 5°~20° as needed.    After the implement is started, it should run for a while without load, check and confirm that the linkage of the implement is flexible and unimpeded. During operation, the afterburner should be balanced, and no excessive force should be applied.    It is strictly forbidden to overload    Attention should be paid to the sound and temperature rise during the operation. If any abnormality is found, the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately. When the operation time is too long, when the temperature rise of the machine exceeds 60 ℃, it is hot or burnt, you should stop the machine and let it cool down before starting the operation.    Do not touch the cutting tool with your hand during operation. If it finds that it is blunt, damaged or has abnormal sounds and conditions, you should stop the inspection immediately; you must cut off the power before repairing or replacing accessories, and wait for the saw blade to stop completely.   When the saw blade is blunt and needs to be filed, the power should be turned off and the plug should be unplugged. The saw blade must be completely stopped before the saw blade can be removed for business.   The carbon brush on the motor is a consumable. Once the wear level exceeds the limit, the motor will malfunction. Therefore, the worn carbon brush should be replaced immediately. In addition, the carbon brush must be kept clean.   Turn off the power of the electric circular saw when there is a power outage, rest or leaving the work site.    After processing, the power should be turned off, and the equipment and the surrounding area should be cleaned.
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