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Safety instructions for using electric drills

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-16
1. When using a hand electric drill, if it is a class Ⅰ tool, you should also get a leakage protector and insulated rubber gloves or use a transformer. When using Class Ⅱ tools to work in a humid environment, in a container or in a narrow metal shell, a leakage protector or isolation transformer should be used. 2. If a fault occurs, you should find a professional electrician for inspection and repair. Do not disassemble or assemble it by yourself. 3. When working in a humid place, you must stand on insulating mats or dry wooden boards. 4. There should be no joints in the middle of the electrical circuit. The power cord is strictly prohibited to be placed randomly. 5. When the electric drill has not stopped completely, it cannot be unloaded and the drill bit should be replaced. 6. Power outage; cut off the power immediately when you rest or leave the work place. 7. For example, when you use a piezoelectric drill, you must use an electric drill to work vertically, and the fixed end should be particularly strong. Do not use poles or bars to press the electric drill. 8. Rubber gloves and other insulation products are not allowed to be placed randomly. When the work is completed, the electric drill and the insulation products should be placed in the designated place.
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