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Safety operation rules of jig saw

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-21
   1. Before the operation, check the tool according to the requirements, whether the position of each part of the tool is normal and firm, whether the tool is clamped, whether the safety protection device is reliable, and check for leakage.    2. Do not wear loose clothes, bare long hair, wear jewelry, badges, etc. to operate the machine, because it may be caught by the moving parts. Keep your pace steady, it is best to wear rubber-soled shoes.    3. Hold the tool tightly by hand during operation. , Apply pressure evenly, and do not apply pressure directly with your body.    Fourth, avoid cutting nails. Before work, carefully inspect the workpiece and remove all nails.    5. Keep hands and any body parts away from rotating parts at all times.    6. When the tool is in operation, do not let it go, or place it at will.    Seventh, the operator must not operate in the state of irritability and fatigue.    VIII. Before use, carefully check the tool for cracks and damage, and replace it if found.    Nine, no-load operation, check and confirm that the machine linkage is flexible and unimpeded.    10. Tool buttons must be sensitive and reliable.    11. If abnormal sound is found during operation, stop using it immediately.
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