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Safety precautions for the use of power tools

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-13
Introduction The use of power tools must follow certain standards. This is not only related to the maintenance of power tools, but more importantly to the personal safety of users. Therefore, when using power tool rooms, from More attention should be paid to personal safety, electric tool maintenance and maintenance. 1 Work site 1. Please keep the work area clean and well-lit. Chaotic and dim working areas can cause accidents. 2. Please do not use power tools in explosive environments, such as flammable liquids, gases or dust. Sparks generated by power tools may ignite dust and gas. 2 Electric safety 1. The power socket must match the power plug of the power tool. Under no circumstances can the power plug be modified. 2. Please avoid physical contact with grounded objects, such as pipes, heating, stoves and refrigerators. If your body is grounded, it will increase the risk of electric shock. 3. Keep the equipment away from rain and humidity. Water entering power tools will increase the risk of electric shock. 4. Please do not use the power cord for other purposes, such as lifting, suspending tools or pulling the plug from the socket. Keep the power cord away from heat sources, oil stains, sharp edges, or moving tool parts. Damaged or entangled power cords increase the risk of electric shock. 5. When you use power tools outdoors, please use an extended power cord that allows outdoor use. Use an extended power cord suitable for outdoor use to reduce the risk of electric shock. 3 Personal safety 1. Please stay awake, concentrate on your work, and operate power tools rationally. Do not use power tools when you are tired or under the influence of narcotics, alcohol or medicine. Instant distractions when using power tools can cause serious injury. 2. Please wear personal protective equipment and always wear protective goggles. Take personal protective equipment according to the form and characteristics of power tools, such as dust masks, non-slip safety shoes, safety helmets or noise protection ear muffs to reduce the risk of injury. 3. Please avoid inadvertently opening the device. Before inserting the plug into the socket, make sure that the switch is set to the 'off' position. When moving or carrying a power tool, if you put your finger on the switch, or when the switch is in the on position, plugging the power tool into the power source may cause an accident. 4. Please remove and remove the adjusting screwdriver or wrench before opening the power tool. Tools or wrenches that come into contact with rotating equipment parts can cause personal injury. 5. Please do not overestimate yourself. Please always stand safely and maintain balance. This will ensure that you can better control the power tool in the event of an accident. 6. Please wear suitable clothes. Do not wear clothes and accessories that are too wide. Keep hair, clothes, and gloves away from working parts. Loose clothing accessories or long hair may be caught in moving parts. 7. Connect correctly If the equipment purchased includes a vacuum or dust collection system, please connect and use the equipment correctly. Using these devices can reduce the dangers caused by dust. 4 Use and maintenance of power tools 1. Please do not overload power tools. Please select the appropriate power tool according to the operation requirements. Use suitable power tools at the rated speed. 2. Do not use power tools with damaged switches. All power tools that cannot be controlled by switches are dangerous and must be repaired. 3. Before adjusting equipment, replacing accessories or storing equipment, please pull out the plug from the socket. These safety standards prevent accidental starting of equipment. 4. Keep unused power tools out of the reach of children. Please do not allow people who do not understand the power tool or who have not read this instruction to operate the power tool. It is dangerous for people without training to use power tools. 5. Please maintain the power tool carefully. Please check for incorrect adjustments, stuck moving parts, damaged parts, and everything else that may affect the normal operation of the power tool. 6. Please keep the cutting tool sharp and clean. Carefully maintained cutting tools with sharp blades are less likely to get stuck and easier to operate. 7. In accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions, while considering the working environment and type of work, according to the design purpose of the specific power tool, select the power tool, accessory, replacement tool, etc.
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