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by:WORKSITE     2021-01-09
  The difference and use of electric drill hammer:

Hand drill:

   can only do drilling work for metal, wood, plastic, etc. The hand drill has no impact function, so it cannot be drilled into the wall

   Impact drill:

The percussion drill is used for electric drill/impact, including the function of a hand electric drill and a flat drill. It also has an impact function. It can drill the brick wall and general concrete (the percussion drill relies on the impact of two internal impact gears to collide with each other) The wall hitting speed is slow, and it cannot penetrate the wall. It is mainly suitable for small pendants of household wall drilling equipment (such as hanging paintings, mirrors, towel racks, etc.), not suitable for engineering professionals to drill walls

   Electric hammer:

The electric hammer is mainly used for agile drilling of concrete (the electric hammer is impacted by the movement of the cylinder piston), so the impact force is much greater than that of the general percussion drill. The electric hammer can drill all the solid concrete and can also be used for drilling Through the wall, the drilling speed is fast, so it is assumed that the hardness of the concrete is relatively high, and the drilling power is required, or the customer who requires the wall to penetrate, please choose an electric hammer, and you can choose the corresponding type of electric hammer

   The overall difference between impact drill and electric hammer (Worksite power tools):

   The power of percussion drills is slower than that of electric hammers, and they cannot penetrate the walls. However, it is easier to use electric drills than electric hammers. The electric hammer drill wall is much stronger than the impact drill, but the function of the electric drill is not as convenient as the impact drill. Therefore, each has its own benefits. For home users, it is assumed that the wall speed is not required, and the wall is not penetrated. It is only for the small wall-mounted equipment at home. Do some small work, etc., the percussion drill can be completed

Assuming that you still don’t understand after reading the above, you can first go to the market to experience the difference in the use of the two Worksite power tools. After determining that you will think about purchasing afterwards, please choose carefully to prevent unnecessary purchases of the wrong Worksite power tools. Throw away
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