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Simply talk about the knowledge of power tools

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-09
   1. How to cool the motor?

  The electric fan on the armature rotates to introduce the outside air through the vent, and then the rotating electric fan lets the air flow through the inner space of the motor to cool the motor.

  2, capacitors for noise suppression

When using Worksite power tools equipped with series motors, sparks will occur between the commutator of the motor and the carbon brushes, which will disturb radios, televisions, medical equipment, etc. It is necessary to use Worksite power tools Equipment suppression capacitors, anti-current coils, etc. play an anti-disturbance effect.

   3. How does the motor rotate?

   The reverse rotation of most Worksite power tools is ended by reversing the direction of the current. By changing the electrical connection of the circuit, the direction reversal can be ended.

   4. What is a carbon brush?

   When the Worksite power tool is working, the carbon brush has the same primary effect as the bridge, connecting the inductor coil and the armature coil with current.

   5. What is an electronic brake?

  Because of inertia, the armature will continue to rotate after the machine is turned off, and an electromagnetic field will remain in the stator. At this time, the armature and the rotor are like a generator, and torque is generated. The direction of torque is just opposite to the direction of the rotating armature.

   6. The influence of frequency on Worksite power tools

China currently supplies 50HZ alternating current, but some countries use 60HZ alternating current. When 50HZ Worksite power tools use 60HZ current, or 60HZ Worksite power tools use 50HZ power, it is There is no impact (the air compressor is outside).

  7. Pay attention to the usual maintenance of the Worksite power tools. For example, keep the air outlet of the machine clean and keep the heat dissipation of the machine good. After a period of use, check the degree of wear of the carbon brush. If you need to replace the carbon brushes, make sure that the new carbon brushes can slide freely in the brush holder.

   8. When using things, they encounter stalls. For example, when the drill hole is cut, the switch should be released in time to block the power supply to avoid burning of the motor, switch and electrical circuit.

  9. When using metal casings, the machine must have a three-plug power cord for leakage maintenance. It is also necessary to use a power socket with leakage maintenance. Do not splashed by water during operation to avoid leakage.

   10. When replacing the machine's motor, whether it is a broken rotor or a broken stator, it is necessary to replace the rotor or stator with matching technical parameters. If the replacement does not match, the motor will be burned.
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