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Talking about three wrenches (stay wrenches, plum wrenches

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-04
?   The three wrenches are collective wrenches, plum wrenches, and combination wrenches. They are a type of hand tool used for thread connection. There are many types and specifications. The following introduces several wrenches used to tighten and remove hexagon head screws and nuts. 1. Dead wrench: The dead wrench is also called a dead wrench. Its opening width cannot be adjusted. One or both ends have fixed-size openings. There are two types of single-end openings and two-end openings, which are called single-head open wrenches and double-end wrenches. Headless wrench. Used to turn nuts or bolts of a certain size. The specifications of the single-end open wrench are expressed by the opening width, and the specifications of the double-end open wrench are expressed by the opening width at both ends (unit: mm), such as: 8×10mm, 14×17mm, 32×36mm, etc.    II. Torx wrenches: Torx wrenches are all double-headed. Its working part is a closed circle. There are 12 teeth in the closed circle that can be matched with hexagon head screws or nuts. Working ends with hexagonal holes or twelve corner holes are provided at both ends, which is suitable for occasions where the working space is small and ordinary wrenches cannot be used. The specification method of the torx wrench is the same as that of the double-end wrench.    Three, dual-use wrench: one end is the same as the single-end open wrench, the other end is the same as the plum wrench, and the same specification bolts or nuts are turned at both ends. Open wrenches, torx wrenches and dual-use wrenches are mainly used to pull bolts or nuts. Since the width of the two openings of the open wrench is different, a wrench can pull two sizes of bolts or nuts. When the space around the nut or bolt head is narrow and cannot accommodate an ordinary wrench, a torx wrench must be used.   The above three wrenches are commonly used tools in assembly and repair work. Its types can be divided into metric wrenches and imperial wrenches. The specifications of the open wrench include 6-piece set, 8-piece set, 10-piece set and 12-piece set. The specifications of the torx wrench include 6-piece set, 8-piece set, 10-piece set and 12-piece set. The specifications of the dual-purpose wrench are: 6-piece set, 8-piece set, 10-piece set, 12-piece set. Inspection items: inspection standards for open wrenches, torx wrenches and combination wrenches
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