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Teach you to choose household electric tools

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-03
The key to the use of impact drill:

   The impact drill only needs to be placed on the impact gear when drilling the wall, and all other times are placed on the electric drill gear. The drilling must be forward (the chuck is turned to the right to be forward), and the reverse can be used to slack the screw.

   Impact drill can hit tiles:

   Method 1: You can directly install the impact and turn your head back, and place the tiles in the impact position. The slow speed is preliminary, and the speed gradually accelerates. The tiles will not crack

Method 2: Assuming that you are a rookie, and you are afraid that the speed control is not good enough to crack the tile, you can use a ceramic drill to hang the electric drill to penetrate the surface of the tile, and then use the impact drill to drill into the concrete (the corner of the tile Contrast brittle, simple cracks, glass drill bit can be used to drill the corners of the tiles)

   Suppose you choose 2 electric hammer:

The customer assumes that the choice of 2 electric hammer (electric hammer electric drill function), when drilling the wall, only need to insert the electric hammer bit directly into the electric hammer to drill the concrete, assuming that the electric drill function is used, it is necessary to use To switch between the extension rod and the drill chuck, you must pay attention to the use of the electric drill function. Just use the electric drill function to install the extension chuck. The gear must be placed in the electric drill gear. Never put it on the electric hammer gear. Otherwise, The extension rod is simply deformed by a collision, causing the extension rod to be stuck and cannot be pulled out.

  What is an electric pick:

   Assuming that you purchase an electric hammer only to drill holes in the concrete and do not need any other functions, you can choose a single-use electric hammer.

   Tips for purchasing Delikai power tools:

Many power tool accessories are classified as consumables, so when we buy household power tools, we must pay attention to the convenience of compensation accessories and the quotation of accessories in the future. This is very helpful when choosing more cost-effective household power tools of.
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