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The Birth Of Milwaukee Power Tools From Ashes

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-20
Remember the old legend of the Phoenix - this bird rising from the ashes of a fire - reborn and renewed. Well this is the story of Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation which arose from the ashes to the company it is today. We can begin our story way back in 1918, toward the end of WWI, often referred to as The Great War. Henry Ford, the famous automobile tycoon, was on the lookout for someone to fabricate a portable, more light weight version of the one-fourth inch capacity power drill. A.H. Petersen, a young manufacturer from Wisconsin, stepped up to the plate and took Ford's commission. This led to the subsequent invention of what came to be known as the 'Hole-Shooter.' The revolutionary Hole-Shooter was a lightweight indeed back in those early days of power tools, weighing in at a mere five pounds. It was the first ever power tool able to be operated with only one hand while delivering enough power to take on heavy duty jobs. In 1922, Albert Siebert joined Petersen as his business partner, and the A.H. Petersen Company was founded. Only one short year later, their manufacturing plant was completely destroyed by fire, which necessitated closing the doors of the business. In 1924, Siebert acquired the remaining assets of the business at public auction and it was re-opened, christened with a new name destined to become famous: The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. And so it began again, reborn after the fire that destroyed it, Siebert took the first step of a journey that would eventually take Milwaukee Tools all around the world. During the infancy of the company, there was far more emphasis on tool repair than tool manufacturing. Seeing what were the most common failings of the tools then available allowed the fledgling research and development team at Milwaukee Tools to design new and better tools, built to last longer with higher performance than their predecessors. The Hole-Shooter was refined and improved; and before long it was the go-to tool for workers in the metal working and automotive industries. When World War II commenced, the Hole-Shooter was indispensable to the manufacturing of military aircraft, and the U.S. Navy placed orders with Milwaukee Tools, as well. Down through the intervening years, Milwaukee Tools has striven continually to produce products of the highest quality and workmanship. Their company motto of: 'Nothing But Heavy Duty' sums up Milwaukee Power Tools nicely! Discover the quality and craftsmanship that has made them a household name for almost 100 years!
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