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The development of power tool companies

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-06
At present, my country's export of power tools is developing rapidly, and the export volume and value have increased rapidly. The domestic and foreign markets have seen a good situation of both production and sales. Many domestic companies are actually only production and processing workshops for foreign products. Although they don’t have to worry about product sales, they are not only unable to open their own sales channels, but also difficult to create their own brands, but also lead to low export profit margins. . There is no doubt that domestic power tool companies are facing the dilemma of internal and external dilemmas. To get out of the predicament of 'OEM', my country's power tool industry must shift from imitating others' brands to owning brands.

At the same time, some domestic power tools also have their own shortcomings. For example, the actual power of the product is false with the power indicated on the label. The label power is 500W, and the actual test is only 400W. For the motor of the product, some brands are in order to save production costs. , The use of copper-clad aluminum material to make seven cores to deceive consumers, instead of pure copper wire high-temperature motors, the quality of power tools is also greatly reduced, which directly determines the service life of some power tools and imported brands of electric The tool life varies greatly. And the Workite Power Tool Company is constantly researching in this area and only doing the best to protect the interests of consumers.

Chinese people should be self-reliant. We Chinese people should have a strong sense of brand awareness and self-creation, and be dedicated to the quality of our state-owned power tools, so that domestic power tools can be truly 'fluttered' in front of foreign brands, and we Chinese people should be truly Using our own good electric tools manufactured with our own heart, let Chinese electric tool companies stand tall in the world.
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