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The grinder is a kind of electric tool

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-03
Check before starting:

1) Check whether the fasteners are loose, and correct them if necessary.

2) The key point is to check whether the grinding wheel is cracked and replace it immediately.

Check method: tap the grinding wheel with a mallet and make a crisp sound before using it.

3) Rotate the grinding wheel by hand, investigate whether the grinding wheel rolls sensitively and lightly, and listen carefully for the sound of rubbing.

4) Check whether the rotation direction of the grinding wheel is accurate, and the direction of the grinding debris flying away from the grinding wheel is the correct direction.

5) Start the power supply. If the vibration and noise are abnormally significant, immediately stop the machine and list it for repair by a repairman.

6) Check that the gap between the outer circle of the grinding wheel and the workpiece carrier should be ≤3mm.

7) Check whether the grounding of the grinder is perfect.

Operation request:

1) It is necessary for the operator to wear safety glasses and splash mask.

2) The body must maintain a proper distance from the abrasive tool.

3) Turn on the power supply, and start the grinding operation only when the grinding wheel is stable.

4) It is forbidden to hit the workpiece and the grinding wheel strongly. When grinding, pressure should be applied gradually to prevent the grinding wheel from impact and prevent the grinding wheel from bursting.

5) The distance between the polished end and the handheld end should be more than 20 mm.

6) The amount of grinding should be appropriate for each grinding to avoid incidents of the workpiece with the grinding wheel operation.

7) For long-term grinding, cold water should be provided next to the grinder to avoid heat and scalding during grinding.

8) Steel parts with strong fragility cannot be polished on the grinding wheel to avoid the workpiece from cracking.

9) Do not grind the workpiece perpendicular to the upper surface of the grinding wheel diameter, that is, not grind the workpiece on the side of the grinding wheel.

10) The length of the workpiece to be ground should be less than 500 mm, and other grinding tools, such as angle grinders, should be used when grinding workpieces above 500 mm.

11) For the grinder in use, the difference in the diameter of the two grinding wheels should not exceed 20%.

12) After each operation is completed, the power supply should be blocked immediately.

Other requests:

1) Except for the replacement of the grinding wheel and the removal of the protective cover of the grinder, it is generally prohibited to remove it to ensure safety.

2) When the diameter of the grinding wheel is worn out by two thirds, a new grinding wheel should be replaced. The grinding wheel should be balanced during the equipment. The soft washer between the grinding wheel and the connecting plate should be close to the equipment. The nut should not be tightened too tightly to prevent the grinding wheel from chipping. Finally, it is necessary to install the protective cover.

3) Bearing lubricating grease, usually molybdenum disulfide lubricating grease, is replaced every six months and repaired once a year. When checking, all the grinders should be disassembled to remove internal dust and oil, clean or replace bearings, and replace Smooth grease, after disassembly and repair, the grinder must still check whether its operation is easy, whether there is abnormal noise in the bearing operation, and whether the coil is short-circuited, and the final no-load operation is about 30 minutes.

4) Use a multimeter to measure the insulation resistance before use, and its value is ≥2 megohms.
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