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The main products of air pump

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-01
Folding car air pump 1. Small size, usually placed in the trunk of the car, does not occupy space, easy to carry. 2. High power, high efficiency and fast inflation speed 3. Wide range of uses: can be used for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, swimming rings and balls, etc.; 4. The tire pressure can be measured to keep the tire pressure of the car at all times. Folding high-pressure air pump The air pump uses the cylinder after removing the spark plug as the air source, and uses the spark plug shell as the intake duct of the air pump. Then connect the gas pipe, one-way valve, gas tank and high-pressure soft pipe. Once the engine is started, the flat tire can be inflated. The air pump has a simple structure, small size, and can be carried along with the car, and can inflate the flat tire easily and quickly in any occasion and anywhere. Folding electric air pump 1. Applicable to: bicycle tire, car tire, basketball 2. Air pressure: 300PSI (general tires can maintain 30-40PSI); Use car cigarette lighter power supply to quickly inflate car and motorcycle tires; When working on the highway, in the field or in the morning, when the car tire suddenly leaks, it can better play its emergency function; Can quickly inflate the ball, inflatable ball, etc.; There is an air pressure display table, which can accurately measure the air pressure of the tire; The shell is strong and durable; Small and easy to carry; placed in the trunk of the car, does not occupy space, and is endlessly useful
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