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The power tool company teaches you how to judge

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-03
In terms of brand of electric tools, the quality of imported brands on the market currently has a better reputation. However, as Chinese, when we are supporting our own national brand of power tools, how to distinguish the quality of power tools without looking at the advertisements, the author now summarizes my personal experience for your reference. I hope Can help you. Methods as below:

  1. Appearance quality: The first impression, the appearance quality of the product is better, it is not a product produced by an ordinary small workshop, the appearance of the product is clean and beautiful, and the hand feels good;

  2. Product structure: After the power tool is assembled, there is no big crack or unevenness in the joint; there is no obvious approval at the product encapsulation;

  3. Product weight: here is a larger knowledge, the same product, poor quality power tools, light weight, the materials used are not real, you know;

  4. Product packaging and labeling: generous packaging, complete with three certificates.

   5. Product label parameters: There are tricks here. There are some products on the market. The label power is 500W, and the actual test is only 350W. When you use it, you obviously feel powerless;

6. The internal structure of the product: the most important thing is the motor, good power tools, use pure copper wire high temperature motors, poor tools, in order to save costs, use copper clad aluminum material, so that the quality of the power tools discount. Whether the gears used inside the motor, the switches used, the copper wires used, and the fan blades used are of high quality directly determine the service life of the power tool.

  7. Try to buy products from large companies, and the quality is guaranteed after sale.

   8. Don't be superstitious about imported brands, Chinese people use their own good tools.
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