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The power tool company tells you the performance

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-10
  The power tool company tells you the performance characteristics and use precautions of electric picks

   1. Pay attention to lubrication

  Be sure to turn off the power switch of the machine and unplug the power plug from the power socket before filling the oil.

   Large electric picks (such as Z1G-65) are equipped with a fuel tank inside, so even if the oil is not supplied, if the daily working time is 3 to 4 hours, it can still be used continuously for about 20 days. Before using an electric pick, you should inject oil according to the following method, or add oil in time when the hammer is obviously weak.

   When the drilling rig is erected, if the oil cannot be seen through the sight window of the oil gauge (40# lubricating oil can be used), it should be refilled in time. Before refueling, use the attached wrench to remove the oil gauge, and be very careful not to lose the rubber seal below. The oil level should be checked once a day to confirm whether the amount of oil is sufficient.

  Small electric pick (such as Z1G-0810), the shape is the same as that of an electric hammer, the electric hammer should be filled with 30 grams of lubricating oil, not more than 30 grams. Adding more will cause serious failure of the whole machine; adding less will cause the whole machine to heat up and burn internal parts. Do not use car lubricants, bicycle chain oils or other lubricants casually.

  2, check the brush

   Motor brushes are consumables. Once worn to the limit, the motor may have various failures. If a self-stop brush is used, the motor will automatically stop rotating. The brush should always be kept clean to ensure that it can slide freely in the brush holder.

   3. Maintenance of the motor

  The motor winding is the heart of the electric pick. It should be carefully checked for damage and whether it is wetted by oil or water.

   It can be seen that although electric picks have so many performance advantages, if you do not pay attention to the precautions for use, its functions will not be maximized, and it is not conducive to the work process. Therefore, when using an electric pick, you should follow the correct operating specifications.
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