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The principle of the popular science air pump

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-30
Air pump, a device used to pump or compress gas. The aspirated is also called an aspirator, and the supercharged is also called a compressor. Also called air pump. The working principle of the air pump is: the engine drives the crankshaft of the air pump through two triangle belts, thereby driving the piston to pump out the gas, and the pumped gas is introduced into the air storage cylinder through the pipeline. On the other hand, the gas cylinder introduces the gas in the gas cylinder through a gas line into the pressure regulating valve fixed on the air pump, thereby controlling the air pressure in the gas cylinder. When the air pressure in the air reservoir does not reach the pressure set by the pressure regulator, the gas entering the pressure regulator from the air reservoir cannot open the pressure regulator valve; when the air pressure in the air reservoir reaches the pressure set by the pressure regulator , The gas that enters the pressure regulating valve from the air storage cylinder opens the valve of the pressure regulating valve, enters the air channel that communicates with the pressure regulating valve in the air pump, and controls the air inlet of the air pump to be normally open through the air channel, so that the air pump is empty Operate under load to achieve the purpose of reducing power loss and protecting the air pump. When the air pressure in the air reservoir is lower than the pressure set by the pressure regulating valve due to loss, the valve in the pressure regulating valve is reset by the return spring, disconnecting the control air path of the air pump, and the air pump restarts pumping .
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