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by:WORKSITE     2020-06-30
Tires are like the feet of a car. Prolonged use will cause the gas pressure to be relatively low, which will cause the tires to wear more and more, fuel consumption will also increase greatly, the life of the tire will also be greatly reduced, and it is easy to produce The danger of a flat tire. So it is very important to keep the tires full of gas at all times However, when driving on a highway or in a deserted mountain path, the tires are not able to be maintained in time due to insufficient air pressure. At this time, the on-board air pump is particularly important. The purchase of car air pumps must be selected according to their own models. The current car air pumps on the market are mainly divided into two types: horizontal bars and parallel bars. The disadvantages of horizontal bar air pumps are insufficient air pressure, long inflation time, and large size cars are not suitable for use. But the price will be cheaper. Compared with the horizontal bar, the air pump of the parallel bar does not have the disadvantages mentioned above. The price is slightly higher and the range of use is wider. Small and large cars are suitable! In addition, the accuracy of the tire pressure dial of the car air pump should also be paid attention to. For the accuracy of the inflation data, the accuracy is very important. The tire pressure gauges of large brands generally adopt an embedded integrated design to avoid the impact and looseness of the tire pressure gauge. Measurement accuracy. Pay attention to these aspects when purchasing an air pump: First, look at the power. Small cars can choose low-power horizontal bars, which is cheap and energy-saving, enough. However, large SUVs and other off-road vehicles, medium and large cars need to use high power parallel bars Inflated pumps, otherwise the inflation is very slow and consumes electricity. Secondly, look at the inflation rate. The inflation rate is more than 35L per minute. This is very important. For the riders who are in a hurry, a sudden situation occurs. The result is that they use their own car air pump to inflate. Is a very painful thing. First of all, everyone should know that the dual-cylinder air pump can reach the normal tire pressure in a few minutes. The anti-scald heat sink is safer to use. The silver part of the fuselage is chrome-plated. The quality is high-end and the protective bar protects the motor safety!
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