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Tips for using electric screwdrivers

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-19
1. Please read the operating instructions of the screwdriver carefully before use and use it according to its specifications. 2. Ordinary motors are set with a locking frequency of 4s/1 screw (ON0.5s/OFF3.5s), 900 screws per hour, and 7,500 screws per day. The Swiss motor sets the locking frequency to 2.5s/1 screw (ON0.5s/OFF2.0s), 1440 screws per hour, and 12000 screws per day. 3. It is more suitable to use the torque in the range of 45%-75% of this model, and it cannot be overloaded for 80% for long-term use. 4. The torque corresponding to the torque scale is for reference only, please refer to the torque tester for the actual torque. 5. When in use, do not adjust directly from the lowest torque to the highest torque or from the highest torque to the lowest torque, which may cause the clutch steel balls and torque thimble to fall off. 6. Before use, tighten the screwdriver's fixing ring (or torsion sheath), the two ends of the power supply cable should be symmetrical with the socket holes of the power supply and the electric screwdriver, and tighten the nut of the power supply cable. 7. The internal parts of the screwdriver shall not come into contact with grease or other corrosive liquids. 8. Auxiliary tools (bomb cranes or suspension springs) should be used to vertically hold the screwdriver to avoid excessive tension on the power cord. 9. In order to maintain the effectiveness of maintenance, please protect the serial number and warranty card of the screwdriver.
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