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Top 15 hardware tool industry fun marketing

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-05
? According to the classification characteristics of hardware tools and the current status of the industry, the domestic brand competition in the hardware tool industry is relatively volatile. Star and Stanley still occupy the leading position of China's high-end brands, and the rankings of other brands are unknown, which means that other brands still have unlimited opportunities. Seizing the chaotic gap period of this brand, speeding into the top three brands has become the most worthy issue for development in the next five years. First of all, companies are almost always using brands to operate, and will find the differences between their respective grades and their main competitors as the starting point of corporate strategy. But many companies try to make such a mistake: they are only looking for product differentiation, not brand differentiation. Apart from the price difference between brands, it is difficult to distinguish between brands. The market will position the brand according to the price of the product, forming: low price is resistance, high price is high-end brand impression, which to a large extent hinders the implementation of brand marketing. This is the core problem that makes it difficult for Chinese local hardware to be a high-end brand. Brand includes the core value and external performance of the brand. The differentiation between brands is to show the differentiation between brands through positioning. The positioning of the brand is based on the needs of the target market and its own advantages. For example, Stanley: World Tools Expert. Stan used such slogans to highlight his position as a world tool expert. In the core value of the brand, the company's 100-year strength and the expert status of the company are distinguished from their opponents. In other words, find out the target market, compare with competitors, find their own advantages, combine with market demand, and combine with the advantages of enterprises to form the core value of the brand by showing certain aspects of customer demand characteristics. But local Chinese hardware companies don't know this at all, and they even use it-in addition to professional or professional nonsense core value expressions, because most Chinese local hardware companies are like this, we are not easy to name. Secondly, as to what kind of channel model to adopt, each enterprise should choose according to its own enterprise characteristics. Judging from the current market demand and channel characteristics, it is unrealistic for mid- to high-end brands to adopt the direct selling model. The product line and sales will directly determine the network model. In the current Chinese hardware and tool market, there is a large demand for mid-range products, and the products can basically cover the second, third, and fourth-tier markets. The model of monopoly chain will have the basis of market demand. Therefore, for local Chinese hardware brands, if the product line is long enough, we suggest that you can try to transform the old dealers' specialty stores, shorten the channels, increase the number of locations, and deepen marketing. If the hierarchical agency model is still used, we suggest that we must strengthen the management of dealers, which is embodied in the management of terminal sales prices, the management of serial goods, the management of channel coordination with brand communication, and the management of market feedback information. The health of channels and prices will directly affect the life and death and long-term development of the enterprise. Therefore, the choice of channels needs to be cautious, and the management of channels needs to be refined Third, brand building and dissemination for the Chinese hardware tool industry must first solve the positioning problem. The problem to be solved later is the relationship between corporate brand and product. Whether this problem can be properly solved is related to the smooth implementation of the brand strategy. We will not elaborate on the relationship between enterprise brand and product brand theory. We can draw the conclusion that the long-term development of Chinese hardware tool brand enterprises requires strong support from enterprise brands. Operating product brands alone will encounter development bottleneck . This is worth pondering for many brand operators in China. Finally, in the field of hardware and tools in China, companies are deepening their understanding of the role of the media, but they have no concept of public relations. With such a messy brand, it is difficult to establish a 'uniform image' of the brand by ignoring the power of media and public relations. It is necessary to make good use of public relations and media operations to accelerate the spread of the brand, to quickly expand the brand awareness of the enterprise. In addition to regular reporting, companies need to create news events and let the media take the initiative to report, preferably sensational. For example: in order to ensure the quality of products, Haier destroyed many unqualified products in the past. Haier's brand awareness and reputation, such an event also exists in our industry, but we do not know how to spread it and how to use it properly, which will save a lot of costs for brand building and can quickly distance ourselves from our opponents.
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