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Top Performing Compact Cordless Impact Driver Bosch GDR 10

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-26
Most of workers from the trades has a screwdriver or a drill on hand. Having these tools is a necessity for them. With reliable tools on hand, daily tasks are much easier and faster to do. Power tool plays an important role in providing the demands and meeting the needs of the users. The state-of-the-art tool that is built with advance studies and exclusive technology that ensures the effectiveness it brings to the workers. One of the common types of these tools is the impact driver. Making things lighter and faster, the cordless Bosch 10.8 Volt impact driver is ready to meet your expectations. The GDR 10.8 Volt cordless impact driver is poised to be the most compact and lightweight in the market today. It only weighs 0.96 kilo with a grip that perfectly fits your hands with approximately 137mm that is half the size of standard cordless drivers. Its compact features make it very handy and portable that it can fit to your pockets. Perfect for errands and any emergency for you can bring it anytime and anywhere without hassle. The ergonomic design of this cordless driver is comparable to its higher class performance with only half the size of a typical impact drill. The grips are made with cushioned rubber that works to lessen the fatigue of the user, it is easy to operate, and it comes with a 3-ringed LED light that illuminates the area you are work effectively which also helps accuracy. Without compromising its performance, it possess an impressive powerful 105 Nm maximum torque for 80% of conventional cordless impact driver applications in metal, concrete and wood and a high speed impact rate 2,600 rpm for outstanding work progress, added with battery fuel gauge indicator for battery management and a safety strap clip that makes it very portable. The compact driver is powered by Lithium-Ion battery with Bosch's exclusive Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) which protects the battery against overheating, overload, and total discharge. The li-ion battery is quick to load up because of the battery charger that has a rapid-charge system. It can load up a battery of about 70% in 15 minutes and to its fully charge state in 30 minutes. Experience the top performer and most compact Bosch cordless impact driver today. Get more details about the GDR 10.8 Volt LI at Don't miss the limited bonuses and discounts for a limited time offers available today.
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