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Types of tire inflator

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-04
What is a tire inflator? A tire inflator is an inflator designed specifically for cars, bicycles, ATV, SUV tires, inflatable mattresses, balls and any other equipment that needs to be inflated. It pressurizes equipment that needs to be inflated and always maintains positive pressure. Usually tire inflation pumps will be equipped with valve nozzles. The commonly used valve nozzles are American valve nozzles and French valve nozzles. There is also a type of valve nozzles called British valve nozzles. These valve nozzles are used as connectors or adapters. The valve nozzle can be used to inflate almost any object that needs to be inflated with an inflation pump. Inflation pumps have the following types according to their inflation objects Inflator Foot pump Small pump Carbon dioxide gas pump Air compressor The pump is a mechanical device that is supported by the foot pedal (solid base) and works through a manual piston. The piston is connected to the grip handle (wide solid handle). As the piston rises, air enters the steel cylinder through the check valve from the environment. Similarly, during the downward stroke of the piston, the piston discharges air from the steel cylinder through the long hose into the object to be inflated. The foot pump is a portable mechanical pump, which is fixed by the foot bracket and works by the foot moving piston, which is connected to the pedal through the piston rod. It has mechanical advantages like levers. It also has a piston, approximately 95 mm long, used to spray fluids like air. The small pump is also a mechanical device, and its working mechanism is basically the same as the conventional pump. The difference is that the small inflator can be inflated by hand only. But with regular pumps, you need your feet and hands to handle it. Small pumps are very small and light, so they can be carried on the bicycle at any time for emergency use. They can be packed in pockets, saddle bags, and even in water bottle holders. Due to their small size, the volume of air they can provide is still limited compared to conventional pumps. The design of carbon dioxide bicycle tire inflator can save a lot of time. By using this type of air pump, due to its structural design, you can inflate the tires at the press of a button, so you can reduce a lot of work. In addition, the device is light-weight and relatively inexpensive, and the main advantage of using a CO2 bicycle tire inflation pump is that it can save more time than using other inflation pumps. An air compressor is a device that converts energy into potential energy and stores it in the form of compressed air. Through some methods, the air compressor forces more air into the air storage tank, thereby increasing the pressure. The main function of the air compressor is to make the entire system operate under pressure.
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