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by:WORKSITE     2021-01-09
Hardware Worksite power tools are products that are often used in modern industrial occupations. They are usually driven by electricity, but there are some things to pay attention to during the use process. What matters should the operator pay attention to when using the Workite power tools?

  Worksite electric tools operation notes:

   1. Before using things, a full-time electrician should check whether the wiring is correct to prevent the misconnection of the neutral wire and the phase wire from causing an accident.

  2. Before using things that have been left unused or damp for a long time, an electrician should measure whether the insulation resistance meets the requirements.

  3. The flexible cables or cords that come with things must not be extended. When the power source is far away from the work site, a mobile switch box should be used.

  4. The original plugs of things should not be undone or changed at will. When the original plugs are damaged, do not directly pierce the wires of the wires into the socket without the plug.

   5. If the shell and handle of the device are found to be split, the operation should be stopped and replaced.

   6. Non-full-time personnel are not allowed to disassemble and repair things privately.

   7. The rotating parts of the holding tool should be equipped with protective equipment.

   8. Operators wear insulating protective equipment (insulating shoes, insulating gloves, etc.) according to the rules.

   9. It is necessary to install a leakage protector at the power source.

  10. Prevent overload use, pay attention to the sound and temperature rise, and immediately stop the machine for inspection if any abnormality is found.

   In short, for the sake of operating safety, the editor recommends that all Worksite power tool operators strictly follow their operating specifications and use cautions to operate the Worksite power tools to ensure safe operation.
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