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Understand the precautions for the use of handheld

by:WORKSITE     2021-01-02
1. Hand-held Worksite electric tools must be handled by a dedicated person, regularly overhauled, and a sound handling system.

2. Perform visual inspection and electrical inspection before each use.

Visual inspection includes:

(1) Whether the shell and handle are cracked and damaged, and whether the fasteners are completely useful.

(2) Is the flexible cable or cord intact? Is the protective zero (ground) accurate and robust? Is the plug intact?

(3) Is the switch action normal, flexible and flawless?

(4) Are electrical protection equipment and mechanical protection equipment intact?

(5) Whether some things are tumbling, are they flexible and barrier-free, and the card head is strong.

Electrical inspection includes:

(1) The response is normal after power-on, and the switch operation is useful.

(2) After the power is turned on, the shell should not leak electricity after checking with a test pen.

(3) The signal indication is accurate, and the active control function is normal.

(4) For rotating objects, check the electric brush spark and sound response after power-on.

3. Hand-held Worksite electric tools should be equipped with independent power switches and protective equipment in the application. The power cord must be copper core multi-strand rubber sheathed flexible cable or PVC sheathed cable; the cable should avoid heat sources and cannot Procrastinate on the ground.

4. The power switch or plug should be intact. Do not directly insert the wire core into the socket or hook it on the switch. In particular, prevent the front and the neutral line from being reversed.

5. When operating hand electric drills or electric hammers and other rotating objects, do not wear wire gloves, and do not hold the tumbling parts or wires of the objects with your hands. Prevent the wires from being rolled and twisted during use.

6. After the use of the handheld Worksite power tool is finished, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply on the power side.

7. When using hand-held Worksite power tools at high altitude, a dedicated escalator should be set below, and the power supply can be quickly blocked in the event of an electric shock.
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