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Use Your Dewalt Cordless Tools Safely

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-24
The name Dewalt has become synonymous with quality and safety and the Dewalt cordless tools are prime examples of the high-performance and ruggedness expected from Dewalt. These heavy-duty cordless tools with durable lithium ion batteries are constantly being improved upon and function well even under the extreme conditions of different worksites. The 'Perform and Protect' system is designed and marked for three safety areas - vibration, dust and control. Vibration: Products having the Vibration shields have been designed to produce up to 50% less vibration, thereby reducing the chances of hand-arm vibration syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome etc. This helps the worker to continue working for longer periods without experiencing any performance issues. Dust: The dust shield indicates advanced dust extraction techniques for a safer and cleaner work environment. Long-term exposure to airborne dust particles can adversely affect your health and cause silicosis and other diseases. Control: This shield indicates innovative torque control measures which protect against injuries as well as tool damage in the case of accidents. Safety Considerations Even the most advanced safety features cannot guard against user errors or carelessness. Always read the user manual and exercise caution when using any tool. Dewalt cordless tools are designed with the highest degree of safety and when used correctly, remain perfectly functional and accident-free for years.
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