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Want to Impress Your Lady? Show Her Your Makita

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-18
Do you think you can impress your wife or girlfriend by showing off your skill with a Makita Power Tool! While there are undoubtedly a lot of females using power tools in this modern world we live in today, the fact remains that traditionally; using tools has been very much part and parcel of the male domain and many women wouldn't know one end of a Makita power tools from the other. And that's okay. After all, a lot of men couldn't tell a meringue whisk from a rolling pin and we can't all know everything about everything, can we? But, if you're a man who cherishes each and every one of your tools and can spend many happy hours cleaning, organizing and using said tools; you might consider finding yet another good use for that reciprocating saw, angle grinder and all of the other top performers in your Makita Tools Collection by whipping them out to demonstrate your macho abilities! How to Set the Stage for a Demonstration of Your Power Tool Prowess You need to finesse this first step. It might seem a little strange if you grabbed your woman by the hair, caveman style, and dragged her out to your workshop. In fact, she would probably be hopping mad by the time you got her there and consequently, not at all receptive to watching you flex your metaphorical muscles using your Makita power tools. So, you must devise a ruse, a believable ploy that will subtly but firmly steer her in the right direction. How about this? Find something around the house that is broken or malfunctioning in some way, (this shouldn't be hard to do, almost every household on the planet has widgets that aren't working properly) and use that as an excuse to have your lovely join you in your workshop. Okay, so you wouldn't use a Makita hammer drill to fix a frayed cord on a blow dryer. Use your imagination! The broken object that needs repair is merely the bait to lure her to your cave of marvelous man toys. Once you have gotten her that far, you can segue into a demonstration of some of your more impressive power tools. Plan ahead! You will probably need props for this show of your awesome male superiority in the power tools department. So, make sure you have these necessary items close at hand. Here are a few suggestions of power tools you might use and the props to accompany them: Tool: Makita Jig Saw Prop: Medium sized piece of plywood Tool: Makita Cordless Drill Prop: A small piece of wood Tool: Makita Nail Gun Prop: Brads and a suitable piece of wood or plywood To demonstrate your manly skill with the jigsaw, you might cut out a heart and present it to your Lady Love, thereby firmly establishing yourself as not only 100% male, but romantic to boot. You could score some major brownie points with this! The cordless drill and small piece of wood might be used in a similar fashion, to drill holes in the shape of a heart which you would then hand over with a flourish. You'll rack up more brownie points plus provide a great exhibition of your expertise with power tools. The nail gun may present a bit of a challenge, but it's just too macho a power tool to overlook! We won't get overly graphic here, but we all know that a gun of any kind is strongly suggestive of male virility, right? So, put your thinking cap on and find a way to work the nail gun into your routine. It will be well worth your time. There aren't many opportunities left these days to show off your manliness and impress the so-called weaker sex. The dragons were all slain back in Sir Lancelot's day and it's unlikely that Oilcan Harry is going to come along, kidnap your significant other and tie her to the railroad tracks so that you can gallop to her rescue at the last minute. Besides, you wouldn't really wish for your damsel to be in distress just so you could show off a little, would you? So, polish your Makita power tools and show her what a skilled craftsman you are. Most women like men that work with their hands and who knows the pay-off might be more fun than spending time with your tools!
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