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What are the characteristics and application scope

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-26
   Nine application areas:   1)In the machinery industry: drilling, tapping, sawing, rust removal, polishing, polishing, tube expansion and screw, bolt and nut fastening, etc.   2)Farmland reconstruction, water conservancy construction, tunnel construction, mine mining: rock drilling, concrete tamping.    3) Railway construction; slag compaction.    4) In agriculture and animal husbandry: spraying and shearing.    5) In tea harvesting and forestry: logging, lumbering, branching.    6) In wood processing: sawing, planing, tenoning, sanding.    7) Medical aspects; sawing bone, drilling bone, and removing plaster.    8) In arts and crafts: carving, carpet cutting. 9) Special uses: shearing steel plates, punching and shearing holes, angle drilling to drill workpieces in small places, magnetic sitting drills can be adsorbed on the processed steel parts, self-climbing sawing machine can automatically cut large diameter steel pipes The torque electric wrench can control the bolt to reach a constant tension, and the riveting gun can rivete the workpiece on one side.    Three characteristics:    1. Lightweight structure, easy to carry and use.    2. Compared with manual tools, it can increase labor productivity several times to dozens of times;    3. Higher efficiency than air-driven tools, low cost, small vibration and easy to control.
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