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What are the necessary tools for hydropower:

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-08
1. Slotting tool The first step of the hydropower transformation construction is to create grooves for placing line pipes on the wall and ground according to the design drawings. First draw a slotted line using a pen, tape measure, etc., then use the slotting tool to slot. There are many kinds of tools for slotting. Among them, the hydroelectric slotting machine is a more professional one, which can open line slots of different angles, widths, and depths at one time, and no other auxiliary tools are needed. In addition, the slot can also be slotted with an electric drill, but the slot is generally rough. 2. Waterway construction tools The waterway construction is about to connect and lay the water pipe line. During the process, it is necessary to cut the water pipe. It is recommended to use a special pipe shear when cutting. When the pipe is broken, the pipe axis can be vertical and free of burrs. In addition, a PPR hot melt machine is also needed. Connect the tubing. 3. Circuit construction tools The tools needed for circuit construction are, first of all, tools for cutting wires, mainly wire strippers with insulated handles; in addition, springs for bending tubes, wire for threading, and electrician's knives are also required. 2. Introduction of acceptance tools for hydropower transformation 1. Waterway acceptance tool After the waterway renovation is completed, the pressure test of the water pipe must be done to check whether the water pipe can withstand a certain range of pressure. This is a common method to ensure the reliability of the connection of the water pipe in the later period. The tools used are mainly to suppress the pump. 2. Circuit acceptance tool When accepting the circuit modification, you need to use a resistance meter to check whether there is current in each loop. The current indicates normal use. It can also be determined by checking the resistance value of the circuit. Generally, the insulation resistance value of each circuit is not less than 0.5 megohm as normal. In addition, the weak current also needs to be tested to check whether each line is smooth. Connect each network cable with a network cable tester, check the screen display, and see if the network cable has a wrong connection.
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