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What are the special tools for ceiling decoration?

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-07
Abstract: A good suspended ceiling can give the room a good decoration, and at the same time make the whole decoration style more beautiful and atmospheric. Many home decoration now has a suspended ceiling, usually different people will like different decoration styles. So what are the special tools for installing the ceiling? Next, I will introduce the complete list of ceiling decoration tools. Before installing the integrated ceiling, the following tools must be prepared: tape measure, ink fountain, equilateral right triangle, scissors, cutter, polisher, electric hammer, pistol drill, steel hammer, wooden hammer, hammer, 8-inch wrench, impact Drill bit, slotted/cross screwdriver, terminal block, test pencil, saw bow, saw blade, etc. These tools are necessary for the installation of integrated ceilings, so they must be fully prepared before installation. Cutting machine: used to cut keel. Polishing machine: used for smoothing the raw material after cutting. Electric hammer: used to punch holes in walls. Pistol drill: used for punching keel and other materials. Wooden hammer: used to level the gusset. Hammer: used to strike iron nails. Triangle ruler: It is used for the measurement of sloping edges and scraps. Ink fountain: used for wall bullet line. Scissors: Used for fine trimming of materials. Vise: used to clamp materials. Drill bit: 3.2mm in diameter for drilling materials. Impact drill 6mm8mm10mm: used for drilling holes in walls. Slotted/cross screwdriver size: used to tighten screws and saw bows. Saw blade: Used for fine trimming of cutting materials. Plastic expansion tube 6mm: used for fixing corners. Iron pipe, screw expansion 8mm: used to fix the main keel screw. 1.5 inch wood screw: used for fixing corners. Angle grinder: cutting keel, boom Mopping: about 10 meters of cable with a 3-4 hole insertion table Folding ladders: most of the scenes have similar climbing objects, but they are not necessary 12-14 Wrench: fixed boom and keel A box of 25 steel nails: fixed corners Glue brush Firmly glued, or similar fast glue: (glue the corners, the corners need to be positioned with glue first, and fixed with steel nails)
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