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What are the types of electric hammers?

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-12
There are different models of electric hammers. Different models have different use ranges and methods. Now, let's take a look at what is the difference between different hammer models, what are the different letters on the hammer model code, and the related problems of different hammer models and bit matching. 1. The hammer model is divided into E, RE, DFR, DRE, what is the difference? There are many types of hammers, such as Bosch GBH2-26, which are divided into several different models such as GBH 2-26E, GBH 2-26RE, GBH 2-26DFR and GBH 2-26DRE. So, what is the difference between these models and what do the different letters represent? 1. The first letter indicates the type of hammer: G=Professional grade (GBH2-22RE) P=Home Grade (PBS75A) A=Garden appliances (ART30Combitrim) 2. The second and third letters indicate the type of electric hammer BM=electric drill (GBM350RE) SB=Percussion Drill (GSB13RE) BH=Electric Hammer (GBH2-22RE) SH=electric pick (GSH388X) SR=Rechargeable screwdriver (GSR9.6-2) WS=Angle Grinder (GWS7-125) ST=Jig saw (GST65E) HO=Electric planer (GHO10-82) HG=Hot air gun (GHG500-2) DM = marble machine (GDM13-34) 3. The number after the fourth digit indicates the main parameters of the hammer Kilogram grade (GBH2-22S) Power (GBM350RE) Maximum processing diameter (GBH2-26RE) Several gears speed regulation (GBM13-2RE) Voltage (charged things) (GSR9.6-1) Sawing ability (GST54E) Disc diameter (GWS14-150CI) 4. The suffix letter indicates the personality function of this hammer R=forward and reverse (GSB550RE) E=Electronic stepless speed regulation (GSB550RE) A = Vacuum function (GSS280A) P = swing function (GST85PBE) B=Arc handle (GWS24-180B) V = voltage (charged things) (GSR7.2V) C=constant speed control (GWS8–100CE) L=Long-arm straight grinder (GGS27L) S=Flat drilling function (GBH2-24DSR) D = chiseling function (GBH5–38D) F=Chuck replacement (GBH4DFE) X=Hexagon drill/chisel head (GBH5-38X) Second, different hammer models and their matching drill specifications 1. Take the round shank four-pit hammer as an example, it can only be equipped with a round shank four-pit drill (ie: SDS-Plus system). The round shank four-pit drill, although the thickness and length of the working part are the same, but its shank is exactly the same and can be mounted on the electric hammer. In other words, the No. 5 small drill bit can be installed on the 30 large electric hammer, and the 22 large drill bit can also be installed on the 18 small electric hammer. 2. It is better not to bring big drill bits for small electric hammers. The electric hammers of 24, 26 and 28 can carry the drill bits of 24, 26 and 28 at most. The bit is not afraid of being small, but it cannot be larger than the hammer mark, and it will burn the motor if it is large. It should be noted that the actual selected drill bit should be 4 or more smaller than the hammer mark. 3. The maximum model of the four-pit hammer is 32, but the world's largest four-pit drill is only 22, which is no longer produced. So, isn't the four-hole electric hammer above 24 spoil the power? no. The bigger the hammer, the better. How much is suitable? Generally not less than 4. It depends on where to drill holes and how often to use them. If you drill 22 holes in the reinforced concrete wall every day, the 30 hammer is not too big. Different types of hammers, the scope, method, and bits used are also different. Everyone must pay attention to understand during the use. Otherwise, it may bring some serious consequences, let alone affect the construction quality, and may also bring danger. 3. Electric hammer power The power of different types of hammers is different. Generally speaking, the power of small hammers is 500w~700w, the power of hammers is 980w, and the power of some industrial grade hammers is larger, usually above 1000w, such as 1010w, 1050w, 1280w, 1600w and many more. Regardless of the power of the hammer, users can replace the drill with the same specifications. However, if the power of the selected hammer is too small, it is easy to cause damage to the hammer, and it is also likely to be inoperable. For general household use, Bunny recommends that you choose a small electric hammer from 500w to 700w. In addition, if the user does not know which hammer power is suitable for himself when purchasing the electric hammer, he can explain the actual demand to the merchant, and the merchant will give the correct recommendation.
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