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What brand of electric hammer is good? Teach you

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-07
There are so many kinds of electric hammers nowadays. I heard that there are thousands of better electric hammers, and there are many brands of electric hammers. If you are not a professional user of electric hammers, I am afraid that you don’t have a good understanding of electric hammers, so you may make mistakes and encounter difficult situations when buying and using. In this issue, I will give you a comprehensive understanding of electric hammers. Let you understand what brand of electric hammer is good? How to buy electric hammer? Matters needing attention when using electric hammer. What is an electric hammer With electric tools, electric hammer is a type of electric drill, mainly used for drilling holes in concrete, floor, brick wall and stone. It specializes in drilling holes on walls, concrete, and stone, as well as multi-function electric hammers, which can be used in place of ordinary electric drills and electric pickaxes when adjusted to appropriate positions and equipped with appropriate drill bits. The high-end electric hammer can use the change-over switch to make the drill bit of the electric hammer in different working states, that is, it only rotates without impact, and only impacts and does not rotate. Advantages and disadvantages of electric hammer Advantages: high efficiency, large aperture, long drilling depth. Insufficient: The vibration is large, which has a certain degree of damage to surrounding structures. Reinforcement in the concrete structure cannot be passed smoothly, and due to the scope of work, it cannot be too close to the building.
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