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What color (size, type, specification) is available for battery impact wrench in Worksite?
Based on the varieties and quantity of products required by customers, the specifications, types, size, etc. of impact wrench may vary. The details could be obtained by directly contacting our staff. Generally, the products shown on the "Product Page" of our official website are what we have in stock now. The product details including the specifications, color, materials used, and the warranty period are clearly stated on the website. If customers want the products different from our in-stock products, it 's suggested that customers can have deeper communication with our staff to talk about their needs in detail. We will try our best to satisfy customers' needs as much as possible.

For so many years, Worksite Tool Limited has concentrated on creating and manufacturing more distinctive cheap impact drill for customers. Worksite's cordless power tools series are created based on unremitting efforts. The production of WORKSITE stroke brush cutter meets the highest standards in the rubber and plastic industry. These standards are strictly enforced and monitored by our dedicated quality team. This product is highly resistant to rust. Worksite has established the first-class corporate culture management and brand image in angle grinder industry. The product is made according to international standard IP56 dust and water resistance standards.

WORKSITE ​​will always provide exceptional heat gun. Ask!
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