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What is the difference between a straight shank

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-20
A twist drill is a tool that drills a round hole of a workpiece by rotating it relative to a fixed axis. It is named because its chip flute is helical and shaped like a twist. Generally, standard twist drills are composed of shank, neck and working part, and are divided into straight shank twist drill and taper shank twist drill. So, what is the difference between a straight shank twist drill and a cone shank twist drill? Twist drill pipe function: Twist drill pipe is a tool accessory for mining consumables. It is a high-efficiency twist-shaped drill pipe used in coal seam drilling auger. It is generally made of high-quality carbon-bonded steel. The ideal essential tool for coal mining. The coal drill pipe is used in conjunction with various types of coal electric drills and wind coal drills. It has the characteristics of fast drilling speed, good drilling formation and high drilling efficiency. Compared with the traditional drilling speed, it is greatly increased. Minimize the impact of drilling construction on the progress of coal seam excavation. It is widely used in coal mines, gypsum mines and other drilling and mining.    Generally, those with a diameter of 13mm or more use a taper shank twist drill, and the following use a straight shank. Mainly consider the convenience of clamping and sufficient clamping force. It is obviously not cost-effective to make a small drill bit into a cone, so it is made into a straight shank.    Both types of drills equipped with rocker drills must be available. Another complete set of Morse drill sleeves is required. A drill chuck with No. 3 Morse drill sleeve should also be prepared. The chuck can be 0-13 or 2-16. If it will not drill a hole below 1mm, compare it with 2-16 drill chuck. Good (twist drills with straight shanks, taps, etc.).   The drill chuck must have a specially equipped wrench (generally called the chuck spoon), and the Morse taper sleeve must be equipped with a cone iron, but this thing is generally self-made.
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