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What is the difference between angle grinder,

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-20
Angle grinders, cutting machines, and polishing machines are frequently used electric tools. They seem to be able to perform grinding and cutting operations. So what is the difference between them? How to distinguish?    Angle grinder is a hand-held grinder, and its role is mainly grinding, such as chamfering, plane correction, etc. According to the workload, it is divided into ordinary models, neutral models, and overweight models. The difference is durability.   Cutter is a disc-shaped thin tape with a bottom surface and sand grains on the surface. The material is cut by lifting the disc tape.    Cutting machines include stone cutting machines, usually 110mm-125mm cutting pieces, and there are two types of cutting machines: 355 and 400. The polishing machine is a type of angle grinder. In order to be suitable for polishing operations, the speed is controlled by a speed switch, and the head has an arcuate handle for easy pressing. The rest is the same as the angle grinder. The general adjustment speed is 300- Adjust between 6000.
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