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What is the difference between reamer and twist

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-20
The reamer drill is a tool that uses the cutting edge for drilling. The drill bit drills the bottom hole. The reamer drill expands the bottom hole of the drill bit. A twist drill is a tool that drills a round hole of a work piece by rotating cutting relative to a fixed axis. It is named after its spiral flute that resembles a twist. So, what is the difference between reaming drill and twist drill? What are the advantages of reaming drill? Compared with twist drills, reamer drills have the following advantages:    1. Good rigidity. Because the back of the reamer has a small amount of cutting knife and less chips, the chip flute of the reamer is shallow and narrow, and the diameter of the drill core is large, which increases the rigidity of the working part of the reamer.    2. Good orientation. The reamer has 3 to 4 cutter teeth, the number of edges around the cutter increases, and the guiding effect is relatively enhanced.    3. Good chip conditions. The reaming drill does not participate in cutting without a transverse edge. The cutting is light and quick, and a larger feed rate can be used, which has a higher productivity; and because of less chip, the chip is discharged smoothly, and it is not easy to scratch the processed surface.    Therefore, compared with drilling, reaming has higher machining accuracy, lower surface roughness value, and can correct the axis error of drilling to a certain extent. In addition, the machine tool suitable for reaming is the same as drilling.    In addition, the reamer has 3 to 4 cutter teeth, its rigidity is better than that of the twist drill, which is used to enlarge the existing hole and improve the processing accuracy and finish.
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