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What is the reason for the chain saw's weakness?

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-26
The air filter is dirty, the igniter is not good, the cylinder body wears too much, the steam and oil ratio is not correct, the filter inside the fuel tank is blocked, and the crankshaft bearing box seal will cause the chain saw to show weak performance. The air filter should be checked before work. The clean and qualified air filter should be observed in the sunlight. It should be thorough and bright. The unqualified air filter should be covered with wood slag and dust. It should be thick and hard to touch. , Dry, clean, light-transmitting, soft air filter, to ensure the normal operation of the chain saw.   Second, 5 major methods to solve the chain saw weakness    1. The chain is blunt. Change a chain.    2. The spark plug is old, just change it.    3. The clearance between the cylinder and the piston is large. Adjust the clearance after disassembly.    4. The proportion of engine oil in the mixed oil is high.    5. If the high-pressure package is not suitable, replace it with an appropriate one.
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