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What is the reason why the hammer is not impacting

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-25
No impact and weak impact are one of the common faults in the mechanical part of the electric hammer. The main reason is that the rubber ring on the piston and the ram is aging. The aprons must be aging. When the apron is aging, you can hear the sound of the piston and the hammer impacting each other when working. After disassembling, you can find that the end surfaces of the piston and the hammer are shiny. The short impact seeds can also cause no impact (comparable with the new impact seeds) No oil may also cause weak impact.    If the above conditions are normal and there is no impact, then it is necessary to observe the large cylinder to see if there is a crack, if there is a crack, you need to replace it.    If the motor rotates after turning on the machine, the hammer head can't hear the compressed sound. The connecting rod may be broken or the eccentric wheel may be broken. If the motor rotates after starting up, the sound of the hammer head not rotating or being compressed may be the damage of the primary wheel or the shaft of the rotor. Then there is the bad umbrella tooth performance, which means that it is unable to turn or does not turn at all.    There is also a phenomenon that pleases everyone to pay attention to, that is, the key is broken. When we check the cooperation between the gear and the shaft, due to the strong friction between the shaft and the gear glue, it is not easy to find the key broken, but it will not work properly after the load. Before replacing the new parts, we must deal with the stolen goods and oil stains in the fault point, so that we can find other faults. The needle roller bearing in the middle cover must be used well. For example, if it is defective, after damage, the shaft of the primary wheel and the rotor can be easily damaged.
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