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What is the reason why the woodworking band saw

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-21
The woodworking band saw machine saws the wood bent, there are generally three reasons for the following, let's take a look with the editor.    1. Reasons for sawing machine   ①The tensioning device is not working, and the weight is too light. Generally repair the tensioning device and increase the weight.   ② The rim surface of the saw wheel is worn, the front and rear diameters are different, and the rim surface is turned.    2. Saw blade cause   ①The tooth shape is not correct, the tooth chamber is too small, the saw blade is narrow and biased Correct the tooth shape, increase the tooth chamber, adjust and increase the sawing path.    ② Unevenness of fit, loose mouth, adjust fit.    ③ Too many joints, improper trimming. As far as possible, there should be few saw blade joints, or special repairs should be made for saw blades with many joints.    3. Operation reason    ① The top and bottom hand delivery are inconsistent. The up and down minds are concentrated and the pace is the same.   ②The saw is too loose or too biased. Adjust the saw.    ③The feeding speed is too fast and uneven. The feeding keeps stable and slows down in case of festival.    ④ The saw wheels and saw blades are covered with resin sawdust and removed in time.    ⑤ The sawtooth is blunt and can not be used anymore. The saw blade is bad. Do not force it.
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