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What is the use method of impact electric drill

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-09
(1) Before using the impact drill, you must check whether the power supply is consistent with the conventional rated 220V voltage on the power tool, so as not to be mistakenly connected to the 380V power supply. (2) Before using the impact drill, please carefully check the body insulation protection, auxiliary handle and depth ruler adjustment, etc., whether the machine has loose screws. (3) Percussion drills must be loaded with alloy steel percussion drills or perforated universal drills in the allowable range between φ 6-25MM according to the material requirements. It is strictly forbidden to use drills beyond the scope. (4) The impact drill wire should be well protected. It is strictly forbidden to drag the ground to prevent it from being damaged or cut, and it is not allowed to drag the wire into oily water to prevent the oily water from corroding the wire. (5) The power socket used for the impact drill must be equipped with a leakage switch device, and check the power cord for damage. If you find that the impact drill has leakage, abnormal vibration, high heat or abnormal sound during use, you should stop working immediately and find an electrician to check in time repair. The picture is provided by the registered user 'Lubaisen', copyright statement feedback (6) When replacing the drill bit with the impact drill, a special wrench and a drill key should be used to prevent the impact drill from being hit with non-special tools. (7) When using an impact drill, remember that it is not possible to use excessive force or skew operation. Be sure to install a suitable drill bit and adjust the depth scale of the impact drill beforehand. The vertical and balanced operations must be applied with a uniform force, and it is not allowed to use oversized drill bits. (8) Proficiency in and operation of functions such as forward and reverse steering control mechanism, tightening screws and punching and tapping. Safety operation instructions of impact drill 1. The shell of the electric drill must be protected by a ground wire or a neutral wire. Second, the electric drill wire should be intact, and it is strictly forbidden to drag it randomly to prevent it from being damaged or cut. It is strictly forbidden to drag the wire into oily water to prevent the oily water from corroding the wire. 3. Check whether the insulation is intact and whether the switch is sensitive and reliable. 4. The clamping bit is applied with proper force. It should be idling for a few minutes before use, and can be used after rotating normally. 5. When drilling, the drill bit should be brought into contact with the workpiece slowly. Do not use excessive force to break the drill bit or burn out the motor. 6. Use electric drills in a dry place. Gloves are strictly prohibited to prevent accidents when the drill bit is twisted. When using the electric drill in a humid place, you must stand on a rubber pad or dry wooden board to prevent electric shock. 7. If leakage, vibration, high temperature or abnormal sound of the electric drill is found during use, it should be stopped immediately and checked. 8. When the electric drill has not stopped completely, the drill bit cannot be removed or replaced. 9. When power is off, rest or leave the work place, the power should be cut off immediately. 10. If the piezoelectric drill is used, the electric drill must be vertical, and the fixed end must be firm and reliable. 11. When replacing a new drill bit midway and drilling along the original hole, do not apply force suddenly to prevent accidents when the drill bit is broken. 12. When climbing or using in an explosion-proof area, the corresponding protective measures must be taken to obtain a permit before construction. What is the model of impact electric drill Model: 12, Material: Alloy, Category: Carbide impact drill, diameter 12 (mm), full length 200 (mm). The drill bits of impact electric drills are generally 6mm, 8mmm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm and so on. The ball-type impact electric drill is composed of a moving plate, a fixed plate and a steel ball. The moving disk is connected to the main shaft through threads and has 12 steel balls; the fixed disk is fixed on the casing with pins and has 4 steel balls. Under the action of thrust, the 12 steel balls roll along the 4 steel balls. The hard alloy drill bit produces a rotary impact motion, which can drill holes in brittle materials such as bricks, blocks, and concrete. Take off the nails to make the fixed plate rotate with the follower plate without impact, and can be used as an ordinary electric drill.
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