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What is the working principle of impact rig

by:WORKSITE     2020-06-10
Impact drilling rig is a kind of engineering drilling rig equipment that uses vertical reciprocating motion to rely on impact force to drill holes. Its working principle is similar to a rock drilling hammer. Drilling operations rely on the impact force. Impact drilling rigs are divided into full hydraulic impact drilling rigs and pneumatic impact drilling rigs, which are mechanical equipment for rock drilling operations. Impact drilling rigs are different from cutting drilling rigs. Impact drilling rigs are drilled for rocks with a Platts hardness of 7 or higher, such as limestone, Granite, hard sandstone, etc. Impact drills use high-efficiency impact frequencies per minute (hydraulic or pneumatic) to break the rock, and at the same time rotate to grind the stone into a powder, and then use gas or water to discharge the ash. Drilling operations such as mine mining and tunnel drilling. Precautions for operation of impact drilling rig 1. Wearing safety protective equipment is the most basic and important precaution for engineering construction. 2. The operator needs to pass strict training to be able to operate on the machine. 3. The impact drill rigs rely on the impact force to drill holes, so the visit of its base must be stable and reliable. It is best to use some wooden pads to keep it fixed. 4. Before using any equipment, it is necessary to inspect the equipment for oil, oil circuit, oil pipe and individual parts. 5. If there are cracks on the drilling rig or other safety hazards, they should be stopped and repaired and replaced accordingly. The equipment can not be brought to work. This is common to all machines. 6. Operators and construction personnel should work within the safe range during the construction of the drilling rig. If there are special circumstances, they should make appropriate protective preparations. 7. In case of severe weather, you should operate according to the weather conditions. 8. The operator is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment without consciousness, which is as dangerous as drunk driving. Basic structure of steel rope impact drill The drilling rig is composed of a drilling tool, a drilling frame, a drilling tool lifting system, a control system and a walking gallstone car. The steel rope of the suspended drilling tool bypasses the upper pulley, the impact pressure wheel and the guide wheel of the drill frame. Wrapped and fixed on the drum of the hoisting winch. When drilling, the electric motor drives the crank rocker mechanism composed of the impact gear and connecting rod through the main shaft, so that the impact beam swings up and down around the guide wheel axis. When it reaches the highest point, the drilling tool will fall like a free fall, impact the bottom of the hole, chip the ore rock, and lift the drilling tool when the pressure roller is pressed again. Use the steel rope to turn around at an angle. As the drill hole deepens, release the winch drum brake and release a section of steel rope to move the drill down and continue drilling. Water needs to be added to the hole during drilling. Make the broken ballast into suspended mud. In order to reduce the resistance of the mud to the falling of the drilling tool, the cylinder is used to take out the slurry regularly. Then drill in, use a cross-shaped drill bit when drilling into soft rock, and use a cross-shaped and horseshoe drill bit when drilling into cracked or hard ore rock The advantages and disadvantages of impact drilling rig Advantages: It has good drilling performance, can effectively drill holes in hard formations, and the efficiency is very high. It is suitable for high hardness rock layers, weathered rock layers and various hard and brittle geological environments. Disadvantages: chip removal is more difficult, and it is very difficult for soft geology and geological drilling in soils with high viscosity. Use has certain limitations.
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