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What Makes Dewalt 18v 1 2 Impact Wrench a Popular Choice

by:WORKSITE     2020-07-25
An impact wrench is a power tool that provides high torque output with minimal exertion. It works on the mechanism of storing energy in a rotating motion and delivers it in a sudden motion. There are plenty of models that work based on compressed air, electricity, and hydraulic power. However, the most popular models of impact wrench are electric impact wrench and the cordless impact wrench. Impact wrenches have wide application. They are used in automotive repair industries, maintenance of heavy equipment, assembling of product, construction projects, and plenty of other operations where high torque is required. The rotating mass is accelerated by motor which stores energy to create a high torque impact. The hammer is allowed to spin freely after every impact and it does not get located after every action. With such a design and process, the user's exertion is minimized and high torque is delivered. The contemporary impact wrenches come available in different sizes and styles to suit the needs of variable operations. With the advancement in technology, impact wrenches have emerged in their most powerful and comfortable form. They are quite different from the earlier used models which were bulky and cumbersome. People are widely using impact wrenches for repair of automobiles and assistance in Do-It-Yourself projects. With their brute strength, they are a great addition to any workplace as well. Impact wrenches are easy to use and have straightforward application. The most popular tools in the class include Ingersoll Rand 231 impact wrench. It is a heavy duty impact wrench that offers high power output with extended durability. It reduces the user fatigue to minimum. This industry standard tool has wide usage in variety of operations. Another high torque option comes in the form of Dewalt 18V 1 2 Impact Wrench that can greatly help with wide range of heavy duty fastening applications. This great product from DeWalt ensures powerful operation and comes with hard-wearing body. Due to its compact size, it can easily reach the tighter areas. Milwaukee 9072 is a another popular choice. It comes with variable speed adjustment and can suit varied needs as well. The soft cushioned grip enhances the comfort of the user. This great tool has an optimum power to weight ratio. It has a quik-lok cord and pin detent system. Proper maintenance of an impact wrench is very important to ensure the longevity of this great tool. It is important to clean it after every usage. Proper lubrication with a good oil is important. Following the instructions given in the manual can greatly help make the most of this great tool.
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